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Last Updated: 7 June 2010


OOA Tool is a Shlaer-Mellor OOA/RD CASE tool with Executable UML support implemented in 100% pure Java™ which includes a model editor and will include a simulator and translator. It is currently being developed in parallel with OOA10. Once development finishes, a Professional edition will be released at a competitive price, while a Standard edition will be distributed at no cost indefinitely. In the meantime, an early access Beta release is available for download.

The current OOA Tool Beta release supports the following features:

This release doesn't support the following features: However, these features will be supported in the final OOA Tool Standard release.


The current OOA Tool Beta Build 014 release can be downloaded from the following link:

Save (8.01 MB)

The Read Me included in the zip file provides instructions on how to install and run OOA Tool. It also provides a manifest, details of included OOA models and a change log. The License included in the zip file outlines the free software license for Standard editions of OOA Tool.

The above zip file doesn't include a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). If you don't have Java installed already then you must download a JRE to run OOA Tool. The recommended platform is Java SE 6. However, OOA Tool should also work on early access versions of Java SE 7.

There will be additional early access Beta releases before the final OOA Tool Standard release. Watch this space.

Screen Shots (will be updated soon...)

Various screen shots of OOA Tool are provided below:

Domain Chart
Subsystem Relationship Model
Object Information Model
Class Diagram
Object Communication Model
Collaboration Diagram
Information Model Report
Object Form
State Transition Diagram
Statechart Diagram
State Transition Table
Pattern Editor
Code Editor
Archetype Editor
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