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Welcome to the Shlaer-Mellor and Executable UML Portal. We hope to provide the resources necessary for you to use Shlaer-Mellor Object-Oriented Analysis (OOA) to understand and model your real-time applications, and to use Shlaer-Mellor Recursive Design (RD) to partition your applications recursively into loosely coupled reusable domains and then translate those domains using a reusable software architecture into code which is executable on your chosen deployment platform. We also hope to provide the resources necessary for you to use Executable UML notation (a UML® subset) as an alternative to Shlaer-Mellor notation when modelling your real-time applications while using Model-Driven Architecture® (MDA®) as a framework for design (MDA is largely derived from Shlaer-Mellor RD anyway). Real-time in this context is not limited to embedded or mission critical applications. Any large or complex application requiring a significant number of threads or processes should be treated as a real-time application.

We will offer various products and services to help you apply Shlaer-Mellor and Executable UML successfully. The first product will be OOA Tool. OOA Tool is a Shlaer-Mellor and Executable UML CASE tool implemented in 100% pure Java™ which includes a model editor and will include a simulator and translator. Once development finishes, a Professional edition will be released at a competitive price, while a Standard edition will be distributed at no cost indefinitely. In the meantime, an early access BETA release is available for download.

The Shlaer-Mellor Method is a proven mature method for modelling real-time applications and translating the models into code. However, a number of critical issues were not resolved before Project Technology (now part of Mentor Graphics) and Kennedy Carter repositioned Shlaer-Mellor OOA/RD as Executable UML and MDA. For example, no standard OOA of OOA, OOA Interchange Format or Action Language were defined. We intend to resolve those issues and others by proposing OOA10, a new version of Shlaer-Mellor OOA/RD, backward compatible with previous versions, and sufficient to enable the creation of an open marketplace for reusable service domains and software architectures. However, we will also provide a two-way mapping between OOA10 and Executable UML allowing users to move freely between the two graphical notations. The Shlaer-Mellor Method provides the best foundation for design by translation while Executable UML provides an industry standard notation for communication with ordinary UML users should the need exist.

We welcome participation in the development and review of OOA10 prior to its completion. We are also keen to talk to individuals and companies who may be interested in providing products or services which support our vision of an open marketplace for Shlaer-Mellor and Executable UML work products. That includes potential investors that could help us accelerate our efforts. Finally, we would like to work with a small number of clients interested in using OOA Tool to model their application prior to its official release. We can offer free support and heavily reduced consultancy fees to any such clients. If you are interested please contact us.

What's Changed

Major resource changes are listed below. You can also subscribe to the Feed RSS feed associated with this page if you want to be informed of major resource changes, e.g. build releases. Alternatively, check out the site map to determine exactly which web pages have changed since you last visited. You can also check out Sean's blog if you want to follow the development of OOA Tool, OOA10 and the Portal in general.

7 June 2010 OOA Tool Beta Build 014 released.
21 September 2009 Added OOA Dictionary resource.
30 January 2009 OOA Tool 1.0 BETA Build 013 released.
16 December 2008 Added OOA of OOA resource.
31 October 2008 OOA Tool 1.0 BETA Build 012 released.
25 July 2008 OOA Tool 1.0 BETA Build 011 released.
23 June 2008 OOA Tool 1.0 BETA Build 010 released.
16 June 2008 Added OOA Interchange Format resource.
11 June 2008 OOA Tool 1.0 BETA Build 009 released.
19 May 2008 Sean's Blogger Shlaer-Mellor and Executable UML Portal blog started.
22 April 2008 OOA Tool 1.0 BETA Build 008 released.
13 March 2008 OOA Tool 1.0 BETA Build 007 released.
22 February 2008 This Shlaer-Mellor and Executable UML Portal website created.
21 December 2007 OOA Tool 1.0 BETA Build 006 released.
26 October 2007 OOA Tool 1.0 BETA Build 005 released.
5 October 2007 OOA Tool 1.0 BETA Build 004 released.
17 August 2007 OOA Tool 1.0 BETA Build 003 released.
11 July 2007 OOA Tool 1.0 BETA Build 002 released.
30 June 2007 OOA Tool 1.0 BETA Build 001 released.





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